In For A Long Night puts you in the skin of a not very courageous lumberjack lost in the woods, who must survive the night with only the help of a campfire in danger of going out at any moment.

So the campfire stays aflame, the lumberjack must pick up twigs to feed it. But watch out! Wolves stalk in the dark, ready to pounce if you draw near...

WASD or arrows.

Sabrina Purswani
Anabel Jesús Lorenzo
Vicente Tortosa Mederos
Jeremy Godoy Reyes


Download 15 MB


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Definately needs a little bit of tweaking, but looking forward to playing again when it has been!

Fun little time waster game. Enjoyed the music and art style (bonus points for whoever drew the title screen), but felt like the stamina either depleted too quickly or was unnecessary as a mechanic.

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Thank you very much for the feedback!  We thought the Stamina could work well as a way of giving the player something else to focus on apart from twig-carrying, but the game definitely needs some balancing work at this point, and will be updated shortly with that as well as more atmospheric lighting. Note that this is a prototype made during a 16-hour game jam! I admit I'm thrilled to see a video review so soon after posting, it's so rewarding after what's been a gruelling week-end! So thank you again for the great work reviewing indie games!